Our history

Our union was founded by Reşat GÜZELBEY in 1953 to ensure the solidarity and unity of associations.

Between 1953 and 1960, Reşat GÜZELBEY served as president of the union. Celal ARICI was elected President of the Federation in 1960 after Reşat GÜZELBEY founded the Gaziantep Cooperative of Credit Traders and Craftsmen.  Celal ARICIcontinued this task until 1980. In 1981,  Celal ARICI left the presidency of Mehmet KAHVECİ. Mehmet KAHVECİwas president until 1982. In 1982, Mahmut ÖZBİRECİKLİwas elected president of the Federation. Mahmut ÖZBİRECİKLİcontinued his duties until 1988. In 1988, Ökkeş ÖZPOLATwas elected president. Ökkeş ÖZPOLAT, who was president until 2002, left his post to Ömer KÜSBEOĞLUin early 2002. He is currently the president of Ömer KÜSBEOĞLU union.

In 1984, when tradesmen and artists were required to register in accordance with Article 119 of the Law No. 507, all tradesmen, tradesmen and artists issued a register. On 17/05/1991, the titles of the associations were changed to "Chamber" by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.